Cliefden Caves are an amazing underground wonderland of caves and fossils unique to Australia. They are under threat from flooding by proposed dams on the Belubula River in Central West NSW. The Save Cliefden Caves Association represents a broad coalition of locals, land owners, cavers, environmental groups and concerned citizens who oppose dams on the Belubula River that would impact Cliefden Caves.

Cliefden Caves is home to over 100 pristine caves, 460 million year old fossils and a rare thermal spring. Learn more...
The proposed dams that would flood Cliefden Caves are at Cranky Rock on the Belubula River. Learn more...
Are more dams really the solution to the Central West’s water needs? See what the experts say. Learn more...
Belubula dam on the horizon
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Calare election hopefuls hold off on dam
The debate surrounding a dam northeast of Canowindra on the Belubula River has gained momentum as the race for the seat of Calare draws closer to a conclusion.
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MEDIA RELEASE: Belubula River Alliance - Questions to Candidates
“Concerned environmental groups, under the banner of the Belubula River Alliance, are calling on federal election candidates in Calare and Hume to respond to questions regarding a new dam on the Belubula River.”

Thanks to the diligence and care of local landowners and cavers, these unique caves remain in pristine condition with access restricted to scientific researchers and bona fide speleologists.

So while they're in good hands, you'll probably be helping to save the most beautiful place you may never visit!

We can't protect this national treasure alone and need your support, so please take the time to stay in touch and sign up to our campaign today. Your interest makes us stronger!

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