cliefden caves is under threat

Cliefden Caves are a world-recognised system of underground caves and fossils unique to Australia. They are under threat from flooding by proposed dams on the Belubula River in Central West NSW. The Save Cliefden Caves Association is part of a broad coalition of locals, land owners, cavers, environmental groups and concerned citizens who oppose dams on the Belubula River that would impact Cliefden Caves and its surrounding environments.

Cliefden Caves is home to over 100 pristine caves, 460 million year old fossils and a rare thermal spring. Learn more...
The proposed dams that would flood Cliefden Caves are at Cranky Rock on the Belubula River. Learn more...
Are more dams really the solution to the Central West’s water needs? See what the experts say. Learn more...

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