An important time to press home the case ...


There’s a growing chorus - from locals to senior politicians - concerned about plans to dam the Belubula River, flood the precious Cliefden Caves and the unique fossil deposits around it.

With the coming Orange by-election and the NSW Parliament’s Inquiry into Water Augmentation kicking off last month, the protection of the Belubula River and Cliefden area is firmly in the political spotlight. We must keep the pressure on and make our case. Politicians are taking their positions on the issue now, so this is a critical time in the campaign.

To keep up the pressure we need to replenish our campaign funds and make sure the politicians hear us loud and clear! That’s why we are asking you to make a donation to the campaign today so we can:

  • Keep pushing and lobbying politicians to stop plans to dam the Belubula River (especially during the Orange by-election)

  • Give voice to the public campaign through the media and increase awareness amongst the general public

  • Ensure Cliefden is protected into the future by a listing on the State Heritage Register

Here’s a good example. After receiving a raft of submissions from concerned individuals and organisations and getting a briefing from our campaign, the NSW Shadow Environment Minister The Hon. Penny Sharpe MLC, has given her strong support to the protection of the caves and fossils, saying in NSW Parliament just days ago ...

“This unique and valuable site in New South Wales has incredible scientific riches that we need to protect, yet we are not getting any promises around proper and full transparency, and public availability [of documents]. Tonight I call on the Government to ensure that any cost benefit in relation to this dam, which I do not support, is at least made available to the public. This unique place must be protected.” Read her full speech here.

Penny Sharpe is just one of many politicians that need to be convinced of the area’s value. The upcoming Orange state by-election will see a whole new set of candidates that need to be lobbied and convinced that we must protect Cliefden’s unique caves, fossils, ecology and thermal spring for future generations.

We couldn’t do this without the strong support that we have received to date, thank you to all those who have already donated, sent letters, signed petitions and made submissions. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Please donate now to keep the campaign rolling,

From the team at the Save Cliefden Caves Association.
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