Come and see the science behind a natural wonder

Over the last month it's been great to see the public support received for the vital scientific research being done at Cliefden Caves. Scientific research is the best way to gather more hard evidence to counter the ill-considered dam proposals that would destroy these beautiful cave

We'd like to invite you to see the early results of this research for yourself, and get a better understanding of what a special place Cliefden Caves really is.

That’s why you're are invited to attend the Cliefden Caves Symposium on Natural Science at Bathurst in September. This will including presentations on Cliefden’s bats, caves, fossils, regional water experts plus the recent 3D cave mapping done at Cliefden (see below), just to mention a few!

The symposium is being run by the Linnean Society of NSW who are a key partners in the scientific research being done at Cliefden. To register and find out more about this exciting event, visit

For background on the research, visit You can also read some recent media coverage about it in the Central Western Daily here.

We hope to see you there and a big thank you for your ongoing support!

The volunteer team at the Save Cliefden Caves Association

PS. If you haven't already made a donation to the appeal to fund this important research, please consider a contribution - big or small, it will make a difference.

3D Fly-through of Cliefden Caves


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