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A report published by Water NSW in February 2015 proposes a dam at one of two sites at Cranky Rock on the Belubula River. The proposed dams have a capacity of 700-1000 gigalitres. This would raise the water level at Needles Gap by up to 50 metres and inundate the caves, fossils and thermal spring at Cliefden. The below map shows the impact of the two Cranky Rock dams proposed by Water NSW.


The proposed dams are part of the government's response to the region's fluctuating water catchment issues and high demand of water needed for mining in the area.

According to the NSW Government: "a new dam on the Belubula River is part of the Water Security for Regions program in the 2014-2015 budget. The investigations will consider potential dam sites to establish their suitability in terms of offering value for money for taxpayers and downstream water users."

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