Save Cliefden Caves Response to Dam Investigation Report

Save Cliefden Caves Association Response to Water NSW Belubula and Lachlan River Dam Investigation Report

“Dam construction nearly always has irreparable impacts on local ecosystems. When considering a dam project, the precautionary principle must remain paramount. This has not been the case with the Belubula River dams.”

“Our examinations show that if the Cranky Rock dam proposals are built, the water level at Needles Gap will be raised by up to 50 metres and inundate the caves to a higher level than the original Needles Gap dam proposed by John Cobb in 2014.”

“The Water NSW report also fails to rule out a dam at Needles Gap which, it is acknowledged, would “inundate” Cliefden Caves.”

“The Water NSW report repetitively downplays the scientific significance of Cliefden Caves as tactic support for their destruction. While cave research is ongoing, there has been an overwhelming amount of scientific work published on Cliefden’s fossils, with more than 60 scientific papers published world-wide.”

“The process undertaken by Water NSW fails to properly examine alternatives to a dam.”

“As put forward by Associate Professor Stuart Kahn, there are many other options to augment Central West water supplies than by destroying a unique piece of Australia’s natural heritage.”

“Both the Cranky Rock and Needles Gap dams would destroy the natural and cultural heritage values of Cliefden Caves. While Cliefden Caves remain threatened, our campaign will continue.”

The full Save Cliefden Caves Association response below.

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