The next phase begins ...

The second stage of the NSW Government’s push for a dam on the Belubula River has kicked off. It will exmine "the feasibility of options for the Cranky Rock Dam in the Lachlan Valley including investigations and the cost-benefit of improvement.”

That’s why we are launching our Easter Appeal to raise crucial funds for the next fight in the battle to save Cliefden Caves and the surrounding environments of the Belubula River.

Please donate today so we can:

-Grow the campaign and spread the word amongst the general public

-Fund research into the caves to establish their geological origins and scientific significance

-Lobby politicians and government officials

-Hold public events and raise awareness of the issue

-Brief and liaise with media, stakeholder groups and other partner organisations to bring together a unified campaign against the dam proposals

The proposed Cranky Rock dam sites would flood and destroy many of Cliefden’s unique landscapes including the caves, ancient fossils, rare thermal spring, and the Belubula riverine corridor. The NSW Government has also refused to rule out a dam at Needles Gap - a site that would also devastate Cliefden.

The proposed dams also threaten the unique riverine corridor along the Belubula River and pull large volumes of water out of the already stressed Lachlan River System. Given the complex geology of the site - the main reason it was rejected in the 1960s - construction of a dam would also be a massive cost to the taxpayers of NSW.

That’s why the SCCA is joining with other local and state-wide groups concerned about the impacts of a new dam on the Belubula River.

Thanks again for your support and for considering a donation so we can continue the campaign. We’ll keep you informed as this next phase of the campaign rolls out.

The team at the Save Cliefden Caves Association.

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